Meet Troy

Troy Balderson

Troy Balderson grew up in Zanesville fixing cars, working on his family’s farm, racing bikes, and getting dirty. If it was broken, Troy could fix it.

“My father put a wrench in my hand as soon as I could hold it. We need to get shop class back in our schools and teach kids the satisfaction that comes with building and fixing things again.”

As our Congressman, Troy puts those same principles to work for us. That’s why he continues to earn a reputation as one of the best problem-solvers in Washington.

“When people come to me in frustration, I have never found the cause of their pain to be a lack of government bureaucracy. The answer is usually to get government out of the way. Our government is too big and causes too many problems.”

Asked to describe Troy Balderson, the most common answer you’ll get is, “he’s just Troy,” because he’s the same at home as he is in Congress.  

“The notion that any of us are entitled to anything makes no sense to me. Get up, do the work, fix the problems, be useful, and help where you can. Those are the values my parents taught me and those are the values that built the greatest nation the world has ever known.”

Troy Balderson has lived here all his life. He is a graduate of Zanesville High School, and went on to attend college at both Muskingum College and The Ohio State University.