Restoring American Energy Independence

Never again can we weaken America by making our country dependent on China, and Russia, and other bad actors for our energy needs.

  • Ohio is leading the way.
  • Unleash the abundant resources available just beneath our feet. Explore for more resources.
  • Streamline permits.
  • Stop the radical green agenda which is distorting facts and forcing pain on consumers. 
  • Follow the science. Acknowledge natural gas for its leading role in emission reductions. 
  • Build pipelines and safeguard America’s energy infrastructure. to safely speed up transportation.
Securing Our Border

America is the most welcoming country in the world. But when we welcome people to our home, we ask that they meet us at the front door, instead of climbing through the window.

Finish The Wall

Invest in better technology to detect illegal crossings.

Hire more border patrol officers, fewer IRS agents.

Put an end to sanctuary cities, driver’s licenses, and discounted tuition.

Stop welfare payments to illegal immigrants.

Standing Up To China

Troy Balderson caught China red-handed attempting to undermine the American Steel industry. Now, more than ever, the enemies of freedom are testing America’s resolve.

Honoring Our Veterans

Strengthen and modernize our military.

Defeat the cyber attacks

Win the economic war that China started.

Caring For People

Obamacare has not lived up to its promises to provide better, more affordable healthcare for you and your family. We can do better. Government control is never the answer.

  • Stop the Radical Left’s drug pricing schemes that raise healthcare costs and stifles American innovation 
  • Protect our seniors and those with pre-existing conditions
  • Give patients choice and flexibility to make healthcare more affordable.
Saving Our Jobs

Conservative principles are needed to fix America. Through tax and regulatory reform, we built the greatest economy in the history of the world, and Troy knows that we can do it again.

  • Invest in our career training programs
  • End the stigma that you need a college degree to get ahead in America
  • Stop the tax hikes
  • Cut the regulations
  • Expand access to broadband internet

Level the playing field so American businesses can compete and win against China

Stopping Inflation

We’re being punished with higher prices for everything. The cost of gas and groceries is skyrocketing and forcing to many families too live paycheck to paycheck. But we can fix it.

  • Stop spending what we don’t have and borrowing what we can’t pay back.
  • Hold the Biden Administration accountable for its reckless spending.
  • Produce energy in America.
  • Build products in America.
  • Repeal the Biden tax hikes.
  • Fix the supply chain by reducing our dependence on China and other bad actors.
Protecting Our Families

Nationally, murders are up 40 percent since the COVID shutdown, making violent crime a pandemic of its own. As the Left continues to attack police officers, our families are in greater danger. That nonsense has to stop.

  • Secure our border to stop the flow of drugs into our country and local communities..
  • Hire more police, not less.
  • Fund police departments and give them the resources they need.
  • Some Prosecutors refuse to prosecute crimes. Force them to do their jobs.